Small Business Website Design

Affordable Worry-Free Websites for Small Business

Create a customer-generating fully managed website with marketing as the #1 priority. Turn-key and with little up-front cost, you can launch in as little as 45 days and start seeing results.

Website Design, Development & Copywriting

Website Design, Development & Copywriting

Affordable 24-Month Payment Plan

Affordable 24-Month Payment Plan

Unlimited Content Changes

Unlimited Content Changes

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Included

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Included

Mobile Responsive Website Design
Budget Friendly Small Business Website Design

You shouldn’t have to choose between a website and your marketing budget.

Building an effective website doesn’t have to be a huge up-front investment for a small business. With a LiftOff Site, spread the cost of your website design over 24-months and preserve your marketing budget for growing your small business. Speak to your prospects from day one with a proven story-based marketing framework that puts your customers at the center of what you offer.

Strategic Small Business Marketing Plans

We understand that having a powerful website is more important than ever.

A LiftOff small business website design is built to help you fully leverage your online presence. We’ve spent years building a program that caters to all potential needs small businesses could have. Here are a few of many of the benefits that come standard with a LiftOff Site:

Secure Redundant Hosting

Secure Redundant Hosting

Included Content Copywriting

Included Content Copywriting

Unlimted Content Changes

Unlimited Content Changes

Website Backups & Updates

Website Backup & Updates

Full Onsite SEO

Full Onsite SEO

Fully Mobile Responsive Design

Fully Mobile Responsive Design

Included Blog or Portfolio

Included Blog and/or Portfolio

Custom Image & Icon Design

Custom Image & Icon Design

Creating an Effective Website has Never Been Easier

Schedule a Discovery Session

Schedule a Discovery Session

Set up a meeting with our team to communicate your goals and vision for your business that will drive the strategy behind your new website.

Launch Your New Website

Launch Your New Website

Choose the perfect layout from and watch your website come to life over a series of check-ins. The end result is an agency-grade website for your business.

Win New Customers

Win New Customers

Influence potential customers with a website that speaks the language they understand. Drive prospects to action with a clear path to success.

Well Built Small Business Website Design

Without a well-built website, customers won’t be able to find you online.

Your customers want what you offer. Don’t run the risk of them not being able to find you. With a LiftOff Site, we’ll help you:

Be Proud of Your Online Presence

Look Professional to Prospects

Simplify and Clarify Your Marketing

Increase Searchability Through SEO

Start winning customers with a professional website design.

Start winning customers with a professional website design.

As a small business, it’s especially important for your website to look sharp and professional. Not only is the design important, the content and technical aspects of the website need to be sharp as well. Having a user-friendly website will allow your customers to engage with you more effectively.

Start winning customers with a professional website design.

LiftOff Website Portfolio

Clintonville Apartments
Stamas Dental Group
Project Health
Master Clean
Redwood Transport
Up Creative
Patriot Air
Marcum K9 Obedience
Moses-Mouser & Associates
Ohio Injury Law
RH Homes
Myers Real Estate

What Our Clients Think

“Working with the LiftOff team has been phenomenal. Everyone I’ve worked with on their team were exceptionally professional, creative, and fun. They were able to understand our business, our market, and our clients and in turn provide us with a website that I couldn’t be more proud of. I highly, HIGHLY, recommend them for web design and marketing needs. They love small businesses and make you feel like friends. I cannot thank them enough!”

Rachel Kutay
Five Star Rating
Rachel Kutay
My Business Resource

“The LiftOff team have been a great marketing partner for our company! The website they built is fantastic! They are very responsive to all of our needs! They have exceeded our expectations!”

Bill Kanipe
Five Star Rating
Bill Kanipe
Patriot Air HVAC

“I’m so thrilled to have hired such an amazing team of media geniuses that know everything there is to know about advertising for your business. My dog training company is booming with non stop calls and emails after engaging with the LiftOff Program. I couldn’t be happier with the work they have done for promoting my small business!”

Allison Marcum
Five Star Rating
Allison Marcum
Marcum K9 Obedience

Frequently Asked Questions

How do payments work with a LiftOff site?

The LiftOff Small Business Website program is a 24-month payment program with a small up front deposit. Recurring payments are auto-withdrawn monthly via credit card or eCheck (ACH).

Can I pay by check?

Unfortunately no. However you can pay by eCheck or ACH.

How long will it take for you to build my website?

Typically, a LiftOff Site build takes between 45-60 days. On occasion, this may take longer due to additional complexities such as the need for advanced ecommerce capabilities for online stores, or your website sitemap is larger in size.

As a web designer, our goal is always 45 days, however we’ll let you know up front if your web design project may last a little longer than that.

Does this service include web hosting?

Yes. We have spent years creating optimized and secure cloud based hosting services for LiftOff Small Business Websites. Our hosting platform includes an SSL certificate as well as weekly backups of your website.

How does “Unlimited Website Changes” work, and is there a limit?

There is no limit to the number of changes. Unlimited changes apply to content or imagery that is already built within the framework of your built website. Small additions, such as an additional team member would be included. Additions such as blog publishing, adding sections or adding services pages would be a design add-on.

What happens during the kickoff process?

The kickoff meeting can be a powerful tool not only for us getting to know your business, but can also be a very clarifying process for you. We will build your target customer personas, walk you through our story-based framework for on-page content as well as an extensive design discovery.

What happens after my 24-month agreement?

After the 24-months, your payments will automatically go down to $125 per month and you will continue to receive all of the ongoing benefits of the LiftOff small business website program.

You also have the option to go down to web hosting only for $420 per year, or you can move your business website to a different hosting platform.

What is “Website as a Service” (WaaS)?

A Website as a Service (WaaS) is a business website service that provides website design, development, hosting, security, and ongoing support for a low setup cost and an ongoing monthly rate instead of a typical one-time up-front cost. The LiftOff program is set up as a WaaS so small business owners don’t have to spend all of their marketing budget up front on website design and development.

Can you build an eCommerce website for an online store?

Absolutely. Whether it’s a typical online store with product pages that need shipping, an online store that sells digital subscription services for your small business products, or you just want to accept credit card payments, we can help build you an eCommerce site.

The LiftOff website program for small businesses has several ecommerce tools to help you sell products online.

Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so important?

SEO is one of the most important long-term digital marketing strategies your small business can use in your digital marketing efforts. A great SEO strategy for small business websites can move your online search ranking to the top of searches organically. Being on page one of a particular search on search engines like Google or Bing is a trusted place for a small business website to be. This will increase the likelihood of someone engaging with your products or services. Advanced content marketing, back-linking and keyword research and implementation are just a few of the tactics used to increase your search ranking.

SEO is a long-term online marketing process for most small businesses, so be patient and trust in the process. If you’re in a competitive business sector, chances are your competitors are working hard to out-rank your small business online and attract customers with their own SEO work as we speak. If you’re looking to reach more potential customers and rank higher online, SEO capabilities are important to have integrated into your web design.


Does LiftOff offer turn-key marketing packages?

Yes, there are pre-packaged marketing options to give you a full scope of different marketing services. We’ve paired the ideal services together to accomplish your marketing goals.

To see our three digital marketing package options, click here.

Can I cancel or downgrade my agreement early?

There are no options to downgrade or cancel your agreement early. This is because the cost to design and develop your new website happens in the early months and we spread that cost for you over the term of your agreement. However, you’re welcome to pay off the remainder of your agreement early at any time and we will honor the terms of your agreement until the end of the implied term.

Why do small businesses use digital marketing?

The advantages for a small business employing a digital marketing strategy is mainly due to the trackable nature of digital marketing services. Whether you’re selling online or just simply want to amplify your brand, there are many digital channels small business owners can use, and nearly all of these marketing strategies have highly trackable analytics.

This allows a small business owner to spend their money more efficiently. Traditional advertising such as direct mail or print ads aren’t as easily trackable. To learn more about the digital products created for the LiftOff program, click here.

What is a content management system (CMS)?

A content management system, or CMS is an application that is used to manage content and allows multiple contributors to create, edit and publish content. One of the most popular CMS platforms is WordPress. WordPress is great for web designers that want to create beautiful web designs without all of the custom coding. WordPress basically does all the heavy lifting so designers can concentrate on the web design itself. WordPress powers roughly one third of the internet today and is perfect for small business website design.

What is content marketing and why is it important as a digital marketing strategy for your small business?

Content marketing takes on a few forms, but put simply, content marketing is the act of strategically adding words to your website. This is usually best accomplished through the act of blogging. There is certainly an art form to blogging for the purposes of content marketing. The blog articles not only need to be purposeful and engaging to the reader, they need to be key-phrase optimized to gain traction in your SEO online efforts.

If you’d like to integrate a blog into your web design or add a content marketing package, click here to see all of our digital marketing and design add-ons.

What design elements make for a great website?

There are several factors that go into the design process for a new site. Building a new website is the confluence of thoughtful graphic design and web development. However one of the most important factors in your new site is creating relevant content. Quality content is one of the most important aspects of your online presence. Speaking to your customers clearly and concisely will increase the likelihood of conversions.

Strong branding will also leave a positive impression with your visitors. There are several design elements that will help increase conversions. Those include a great logo, powerful hero image on your home page, and vivid and attractive color palette throughout your site.

Great web design should get your site visitors where they need to go with just a few clicks. Whether they like to shop online, or are simply looking for more information on your company, a thoughtful user experience is important.

How can you track the success of your web efforts?

Having a web design agency that provides a fully integrated analytics dashboard is a powerful tool to track the effectiveness of digital marketing efforts for small businesses. These data points can be as simple as an increase in social media likes and follows, to conversion tracking on digital marketing campaigns or tracking website visitors. Digital marketing agencies should all have the ability to provide a 24/7 analytics dashboard for all small businesses engaged in any online marketing efforts.

Does LiftOff offer digital marketing services as well?

Yes! The purpose of the LiftOff Small Business Website Program is to free up your monthly budget for additional marketing purposes. LiftOff Marketing Add-ons include everything from search and social advertising to content marketing and review management.

To see our full range of digital marketing add-on services, click here.